Monday, December 30, 2013

All Smiles:)

Finn has been all smiles lately, and we are loving it. Having a newborn is truly one of the best things ever. Ava and Finn have brought Ben and me so much joy. We are treasuring every moment we have with them. 

Happy Holidays 2013

Ben and Finley on Christmas Eve

Ben and Ava on Christmas Eve

Ava and Nora at Origins Christmas Eve service.

Trips to the train display at the Cincinnati Museum Center/Union Terminal.

Fun photo shoot on our back porch.

Visiting Santa Claus at Macy's downtown.

Trips to the train display at the Cincinnati Museum Center/Union Terminal.

Christmas this year was so fun. Watching Ava truly enjoy all of her toys was a blast. It reminded me of the Christmases of my childhood. My parents did an incredible job at making holiday memories for my sister and me; and I hope to do the same for Ava and Finley. 
This year, we attended the Christmas Eve service at Origins with Grammy and the Shoupes. Of course, Ava was ready to run around after the songs and initial 10 minutes of speaking and Finn also decided that would be a good time to eat:) So, out to the lobby we went. Ava had fun organizing fake tea lights and carrying them from the candlesticks to the stairs and front the stairs to the candlesticks....over and over again. I think she will be superb at organizational skills as she gets older. 
The rest of Christmas Eve was spent at my parents' house (Nana and Papaw) right across the street. Then Christmas morning, we all watched Ava and Finn (okay, well Ava) open gifts from Santa and we exchanged our gifts as well. 
I'm so thankful to have my family with me on the holidays and that we are all healthy enough to enjoy everything. We are so blessed.