Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We got back from vacation yesterday. It was so much fun but I was really glad to get home to my own bed:) Our first time at Hilton Head Island was a blast! It was just so relaxing and laid back. Riding bikes, laying out on the beach and eating great, high-calorie, yummy food was part of our every day routine.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i wanted to practice some more with my camera and photoshop elements. so i persuaded leah to wake up early and head to this gorgeous field of sunflowers today.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Day at the Pool

last week, i headed to Grammy's pool with Leah, Kara (Anna & Andrew) and Leslie (Ethan). it was so much fun to just hang out and let the three cutie-patooties entertain us. i love relaxing by the pool with such great friends. i think many more days like this are not only desirable but necessary.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogging Backwards

I just started blogging today but I have been doing it backwards. Hopefully, from now on I'll do this in order.
We are leaving for Hilton Head on Thursday, I'm really excited and already packed. Praying for traveling mercies.

Random Saturday

One Saturday, I mentioned that I'd like to try a casino just one time in my life. My dad said, "let's go!" So, we did! We totally lost the $50 we started with, but now I can check that goal off my list.
We then went to Newport and Sawyer Point. Italian Fest was going on (none of us are Italian but we all like pizza:) so there were tons of people. Ben and I took my parents on a walk across the Purple People Bridge and down to the park to swing. It was so fun.

Margaret's Wedding

My friend/colleague, Margaret got married! I met her this year working at Lincoln. She's so fun and I'm thrilled that I got to meet her. Margaret and Tim were married June 27. Their wedding was beautiful and so much fun! Margaret looked gorgeous and so did the ceremony and reception.

Heidi & Jason

Me & Kym

Margaret and Tim

Barb, Carol, me & Heidi